I'm proud to be one of 109 women selected from across the world to join the 2022-23 Homeward Bound program and be part of #TeamHB7.
#TeamHB7 encompasses women from more than 20 nationalities and a hugely diverse representation of STEMM fields, including research scientists, engineers, ecologists, doctors, mathematicians and astrophysicists. That is just the tip of the diversity iceberg! 
The Homeward Bound program
Homeward Bound is a ground-breaking global leadership initiative for women with a background in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine). It aims to increase leadership capability of women and enhance our influence and impact on the decision making that shapes our planet.
It is widely acknowledged that women in STEMM fields are underrepresented in leadership globally. Homeward Bound emerged in recognition of the lack of women in leadership, both in STEMM specifically and in leadership generally, and how this has an impact on our planet.
Our journey
Since commencing the program in March 2022, #TeamHB7 have been on a unique journey to increase our leadership capacity, strategic capability, visibility, and collaboration skills.
Our journey culminated in a global meet-up of all participants in Ushuaia, Argentina, before embarking on a life-changing voyage to one of the most ecologically sensitive and inspiring areas on Earth, Antarctica.
Voyaging to Antarctica in November 2023, built my personal and collective leadership skills with a group of amazing women from the Homeward Bound program.
I'm excited to have been chosen to become part of a global collaborative network of 10,000 women leaders with STEMM backgrounds by 2036, working for a sustainable future for our planet.
Why Antarctica?
There are many reasons why #HomewardBound has a focus on voyages to #Antarctica.

Firstly, the journey to this remote and extreme landscape creates a dynamic environment where the leadership, peer coaching, problem solving and collaborative skills the Homeward Bound program teaches are put to the test.

Secondly, a powerful component of the Homeward Bound program is that it is highly reflective, challenging participants to consider, reflect and understand their values and purpose and leadership styles. To successfully engage with this part of the program, participants benefit from the rare chance to disconnect from their regular lives and networks – something difficult for women leaders to achieve. The remoteness of Antarctica provides this.

Thirdly, Antarctica is changing. Observing first hand its fragility is critical to the program. It is the backdrop for understanding climate change. It is undergoing some of the greatest and most rapid warming on Earth.

Homeward Bound is very aware of its responsibility to 100% offset the carbon emissions generated in the voyage component of the program. Homeward Bound’s voyages have been 100% offset.

Antarctica teaches Homeward Bound participants about the connectedness of the entire globe and their potential place in it. Experiencing the extremes of the Antarctic can and will inspire them to go home and lead in their STEMM fields towards a more sustainable future.
Contact me to find out more of our amazing journey!
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